by Drilltek Systems

Innovation Award from FITR: In late 2021, we were honored to receive the prestigious Innovation Award from FITR (Fund for Innovations in Macedonia) for our groundbreaking project, Maxi Mole. This project serves as the foundation for our novel machine, showcasing our dedication to innovation and recognition of our efforts in pushing the boundaries of trenchless technology.

MVP Development and Successful On-Site Testing: By the end of 2022, we successfully finalized the development of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As we stepped into 2023, we embarked on a series of rigorous on-site testing to evaluate the performance and functionality of our MVP across various machine systems. The positive outcomes from these tests have given us great confidence in the capabilities and potential of our solution.


Accelerator Programs and Partnerships: Throughout 2023, we have been actively participating in accelerator programs to further refine our business model and expand our network. Simultaneously, we have been seeking strategic partnerships and attracting investments to accelerate our international market entry. We are pleased to announce that we have established partnerships with local stakeholders for service provision, creating a success story that exemplifies the effectiveness of our concept.

Winning Another Innovation Grant: In a significant achievement, we have recently been awarded yet another innovation grant. This grant is in recognition of our novel tagging system for existing or novel underground installations, which simplifies and reduces the cost of creating underground Geographic Information System (GIS) data. This innovative solution serves as one of the diversifications within our trenchless business, highlighting our commitment to continuous improvement and expanding our offerings.

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These milestones reflect our unwavering dedication to innovation, the progress we have made in developing groundbreaking solutions, and the recognition we have received from prestigious organizations. We are excited about the future prospects of Drilltek Systems as we continue to push the boundaries of trenchless technology, expand our reach globally, and make a lasting impact in the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to revolutionize the world of trenchless services!